Bikinis and pineapples

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Common May, what do you want to tell us with this shitty weather?
It's raining and all I can think about is sea!
Sand and salt.
Pineapples and bikinis.
Sunscreens and cuffs.
Ice creams and fat bellies (in my case).
And instead of starring at the rain, I'm choosing to share some links.
1. Great looks with sneakers for these chilly days
2. Spring accessories from budget friendly brands
3. Spring closet cleaning tips
4. Summer board - which can instantly transfer you to some cool places
5. Isabel Marant new lookbook - with Stan Smith sneakers they made match from heaven!

And that's it for today!
If you have some cool link, share it! :)


I nakon linkova za ovu nedelju sledi još jedno mini nagrađivanje zahvaljujući divnom B.U. timu!
Tri osobe će dobiti po jedan B.U. in action set, a sve što je potrebno da uradite jeste da:
1. Postanete fan BU Serbia stranice na Facebook-u - Ovde (ukoliko nemate profil, možete preskočiti ovaj korak) i
2. Ostavite komentar ispod ovog posta sa vašom email adresom.
Igramo se do sledećeg vikenda! Srećno! :)

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